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Babyprints specialise in providing a hand and foot casting service for babies, children and adults. Unlike hand and foot casting kits, we do all the work for you – with guaranteed quality results every time. Babyprints produce beautiful bespoke framed presentations, stand alone statues and solid silver jewellery, we have something to suit every occasion and budget. make an enquiry here or select from the map to find your nearest Babyprints.

Every print is unique and you can select from a vast array of presentation styles and finishes to compliment interiors. Babyprints make a perfect gift for proud new parents and grandparents alike, for presentation ideas you can browse through the large selection of finished product photos on our website and download a brochure of examples here.

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Hi Andrea

I was lucky enough to have Andrea do a casting of me holding my baby’s hand.  He’s 10 months old and a really wriggly baby, but Andrea managed to take a fantastic cast even though he was initially not that keen.  After the cast was done, she worked hard to correct a bit where he’d wriggled one finger at the last second, and you’d never notice as the final result was perfect!  I now have a lovely “clasping hands” statue that I can put in pride of place & remind myself one day of how little my baby used to be – thanks Andrea.

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