Babyprints in Cheshire produce detailed hand and foot print impressions in solid silver, great gift ideas for Baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and christening.

Beautiful personalised jewellery gifts are suitable for any occasion.

Hand and foot prints of any age are replicated into solid silver charms, cufflinks and keying’s picking out the individual detail which makes every print very different.

Include a name, date of birth or any other inscription and receive a personal certificate of authenticity with your Babyprints jewellery gift box.

Prints for jewellery can be taken by appointment or independently and sent to us, work is then carried out to ensure each print produces the detailed curves and creases in the solid silver.

Hand and foot prints are the most common but children’s stick drawings and baby scans can also be produced.

Jewellery is normally completed within 14 working days of order confirmation, and can be delivered to your door or someone special.

Silver print jewellery in Cheshire is ordered at Babyprints Nantwich, the photo supplied shows a hand and foot print, double sided.

To find out more information on our solid silver jewellery print service contact us on 08432 162161 or send an email to

contact your nearest Babyprints to find out more.

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