With such a variety of presentation styling to choose from it can be overwhelming, the hand and foot casting keepsakes combine photos in a compact presentation frame which looks stunning on any wall.

Right from the initial appointment and customer service to the finished product, Babyprints ensure a quality experience.

The hand and foot casting keepsakes can also contain both feet and hands, a caption window is also popular to subtlely highlight names and birthdates.

Gemma Williams at Babyprints Chorley, Near Nantwich in Cheshire has provided these photos where you can see amazing works of art, Gemma is building a reputation of stunning quality.

Babyprints prides itself on close attention to detail that picks out all the tiny features that are so unique to your baby.

Dont settle for less! find your nearest Babyprints and book your apointment.

Gemma has many quality casting and photo presentation photos on the Babyprints Chorley and Cheshire webpage. You can also click these to enlarge and view in more detail.

Gemma’s testimonials say it all!

Hand and foot casting keepsakes – Babyprints Chorley and Cheshire