Babyprints provide Baby foot and hand casting North West services in the Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales areas.

Gemma from Babyprints Cheshire has supplied this combination photo, the customer has had a beautiful framed presentation of baby’s hands and feet along with a solid silver heart charm.

These timeless gifts capture the features early when baby is very small, it wont be long before they shoot up.

Each Babyprint is different, there is no two alike, hours of work go into process resulting in an accurate cast you can treasure for life.

A Babyprints cast can be framed and presented in many different styles and jewellery designs vary.

Babyprints in Cheshire, produced these stunning baby casts and prints you can see in the image.

If you would like more information on all the Babyprints Cheshire services, contact Gemma

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you can also download the Babyprints Product Brochure showing samples of our classic ranges.

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