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Donna Richardson, your Babyprints Essex life casts specialist

Babyprints Essex life casts specialise in providing a handprint and footprint casting service for babies, children and adults. Unlike hand and foot casting kits, we do all the work for you – with guaranteed quality results every time.

Babyprints Stansted Workshop is home to all new recruits and where I personally hold training sessions for new franchisees. I have many years casting experience and have the UK Metal Exclusive in the UK.

From framed baby hand prints and foot prints to stand-alone hand and foot metal cast statues – we have something to suit every occasion and budget. Each babyprint is unique – and you get a vast array of framing colour combinations to choose from. Babyprints make a perfect gift for proud new parents and grandparents alike.

Taking the prints:

The casting is a simple process, and involves gently immersing each hand or foot for about 10 seconds in a lukewarm syrupy material the consistency of thick custard, which sets in 10 – 15 seconds to a rubbery mould from which the hand or foot is easily removed. We use high quality hypoallergenic moulding powder that gives a fine cast and excellent result.

The impressions are taken by pressing the hand or foot into soft clay, from which a plaster tile is created and then framed.

The casting appointment will take 20 – 30 minutes; this includes time to take the casts and to choose your frame and finish. The frames are handmade to order for each child; the finished framed piece is ready to collect in 4 weeks.

Why come to Babyprints Stansted

  • I am a skilled casting expert with years of experience and the head trainer of the babyprints franchise network.
  • Babyprints Stansted has the exclusive Metal rights for the UK, if you would like statues in bronze, aluminium and copper this is a service I can offer.
  • Our Babyprints deep exclusive frames are handmade in solid wood, and are of superior quality. We have numerous options for mounts and finish combinations, so each Babyprints is unique and tailored to be in keeping with your own style and taste.
  • Our independent business’s are also part of a long established parent company, being the brand leader for over 15 years so we can maintain a consistency of frames and quality both now and in the future.
  • Friendly and flexible service

My workshop has been casting little hands and feet since 2001 our clients have returned time and time again with babies and siblings. We have enjoyed seeing whole families grow over the years and have been kept busy charting their progress.

I also offer the full range of Babyprints silver jewellery with hand and footprints. In addition I have some gift options for Grandparents, Godparents and family.

Do email or give me a call for further information, if you are ready to book, or if you would like to arrange to pop in to the workshop to have a look at the options first.

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Babyprints Essex life casts

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